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6 Helpful Tips For Doing Yoga Abs Exercise -GetHealthAndFitness Yoga is peaceful, relaxing yet beneficial process of workout in your routine that works slowly and gently and makes the desired changes in your body. However, it’s not as effective and powerful as cardio, strength training, or High-intensity interval training sessions but it is quite effective for the body and mind simultaneously.

Furthermore, waking up and surprising your body with powerful HIIT-ing and an intense training session isn’t always what the body wants. Sometimes you need to give your body enough margin to wake up and relax first with a little bit of stretching and yoga to feel good and productive.

As far as the abs are concerned, it’s not that easy to attain those flat beachy abs. However, if you are obsessed and have a target to achieve these flat abs so follow these yoga exercises and with time you will have a whittled waistline, more toned, and defined midsection. And you will get rid of that poochy belly! The yoga movements included in this yoga abs exercise warm up the entire body, but especially your abs.


The Yoga Abs Workout:

Follow these poses for around 10 to 15 breaths each to achieve a flat-toned belly with the perfect desired abs. 

Child’s Pose:

Child’s Pose

Begin with the child’s pose that relaxes and stretches your body fully. 

Sit down with your legs folded but apart with your feet meeting and then lie down and stretch your arms and fingertips reaching to the ends of the mat to stretch your body. Remain in this position for 10 to 15 breaths in and out.


Cat/Cow Stretch

6 Helpful Tips For Doing Yoga Abs Exercise Moving to the next pose of cow stretch constitutes the moving of the spine from around position to an arched one in an extension form. Each movement is done in inhalation or exhalation of the breath and relaxes the body.


Down Dog

Cat/Cow Stretch

Doward Facing Dog pose helps mainly in strengthening abdominal muscles that assist in stabilizing and smoothing your spine.  This pose will stretch your calves and make the arms, legs, and back toned properly.

Down Dog Abs

Starting from the down dog pose stretch your legs up and open your arms and lightly bring the legs back to the normal down dog pose. Switch legs and continue for 10- 15 breaths.


The plank is a superb abdominal and core yoga abs exercise. It works all the abdominal muscles, and also the core muscles that go from the pelvis along the spine of your back. Relax your head and put your forearms exactly under your shoulders. No bending in between and stay straight in that position for 10-15 breaths.


Dolphin Pose

Align your shoulders with your elbows on the ground and palms relaxing on the floor. Legs and knees up in an ‘A’ position without any bending make the perfect dolphin use. It can be quite painful for those who are in any kind of back pain.


Conclude with a child pose one time for 10 to 15 breaths to achieve the correct relaxation and stretching of your body at a time. These yoga abs exercises will absolutely tone up your abs and give you a stunning figure.

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