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Best Skin Care After Radiation Therapy – Gethealthandfitness  Skin Care after Radiation Therapy is also a part of the cancer treatment, and it might be you noticed certain changes in the skin area that is being treated. X-rays are used in external beams of radiation therapy to killing malignant cells and their high-powered particles.

Particles or Rays are directly aimed at the malignant tumor from the external body. During radiation therapy, healthy cells are also damaged. Between the radiation therapy sessions, skin cells don’t get enough time for development and growth. This result is different in side effects, including redness, itching, or skin peeling. Hence, After the radiation therapy, you should take skincare.

How to take Skin Care During Radiation Therapy

While treating cancer, radiation therapy plays an important role. However, it can also create some uncomfortable or painful side effects on your skin, for example, Itchiness, Blistering, Redness, and Peeling.

Some points to Skin Care After Radiation Therapy

  • Skin maintenance and Cleanliness
  • You have to take a shower daily, and you can use a mild soap such as Cetaphil, Baby Soap, Dove, etc., and Lukewarm water. For dry skin, always use a soft towel and rinse well.
  • While washing, do softly on that area where is getting treatment. Don’t use a scrubbing cloth or loofah, and brush.
  • Before treatment tattoos you have received, you won’t get removed while washing or are permanent. Some other marks might be left while therapy, such as treatment outline where the area is done with a felt-tip marker purple color. These are are the markings you can be removed using mineral oil after the radiation therapy.
  • Avoid the alcohol shouldn’t be used do that treatment skin area.

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Use a Moisturizer on Your Skin Multiple Times

If you hadn’t started to apply moisturizer on your skin when your treatment started, we highly recommended you start because it will help you minimize the skin reaction. While using, keep in mind using any OTC moisturized without lanolin and fragrances. There are many products available that can be taken for use. However, if you are confused, ask the nurse to suggest one for you; also, utilize only one moisturizer unless your nurse doesn’t recommend one for you.

You should apply the two times moisturizer and ask once to your nurse how many times you should apply at a day. Furthermore, if you get the radiation therapy treatment in the morning, apply it to your skin moisturizer before sleeping in bed at night and after the treatment.

If you are getting treatment at noon, so apply moisturizer in the morning, at least four hours ago of treatment, and before going to sleep at night. Moreover, do not apply moisturizer on the skin area that is open on blisters. A medicine may be prescribed by the physician for the treatment of your itchy skin.

Avoid Skin Irritation in the Area Treated

Wear Cotton-clothing and loosely fit on that area treated, try to use those creams, lotions, and moisturizers that are recommended by your nurse. Avoid perfumes, aftershave, makeup, and powders in the treatment area. You can use deodorant on the intact skin areas which are getting a treat; additionally, stop its use if there is skin irritation. Avoid shaving in the skin which is treated. If you want to use a shave, then use an electric razor.

Stop its uses; if irritation developing, do not put any kind of tape on the skin. Also, your treated skin shouldn’t be exposed to extremes of cold or hot temperatures such as water bottles or hot tubs, and ice packs, and heating pads too. Avoid applying the pain patches to treated areas, and do not try to scratch skin where you feel itching or ask your nurse. They will tell you how to itch properly.

What Should You Do About Exposure to Sun While Getting Skin Care after Radiation Therapy?

While treatment, try to avoid exposure to the sun with treated areas, and the bathing suit that has high necklines should be worn. However, when you are not in the water, so cover-up should be worn. Try to wear big cotton shorts, which should be worn to covering the area which is being treated. Furthermore, do not use chlorine as it dries in your skin or may worsen the skin reaction.

If you so in a pool for swimming, so separate the Vaseline on the treated area because chlorine water will be kept away from the skin. However, after completing the radiation therapy, your skin will be more sensitive to the sun. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go in the sun, you can go, but you have to extra take care of your skin.

Before going in the sun, utilize the sunblock, with an SPF 30 or more on the treated areas; sunblock applies each and every treated part of the body, which have chances to expose to the sun. Keep in mind, sunblock use for a half-hour, and it must reapply each of the few hours or after getting out of the water.

Why Should Be Call in Case to Your Nurse for Skin Care after Radiation Therapy

There are few cases I am going to share with you which you always take care of if you are in that case:

  • If you are in a fever of 100.4 degrees F or higher, you must call your nurse or physician.
  • If you feel discomfort or increasing your pain in the treated area in your body after treatment.
  • In case if you are skin increased swelling and redness, which is hot or hard touch.
  • Rash of the skin in the area that has been treated and blistering.
  • Above, I mention for you some points which you should keep in mind if you are on that case, you should immediately be called to your nurse or physician.

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