Questions About Wesley Weight Loss Program In USA 2021

 Questions About Wesley Weight Loss Program In USA 2021

 Questions About Wesley Weight Loss Program In USA 2021  Losing weight and reducing your waist circumference is something that has recently become a foremost priority for everyone around the globe. A variety of exercises are tried, and with them, numerous weight loss programs are launched as well as practised. Some work, some don’t. Wesley’s weight loss program is one of the challenges that is prevalently being practised all over Australia and spreading towards other countries. 

The program concentrates on the medical administration, food regimen, behaviour modification, and training. A number of dietitians, physiologists, and psychologists have presented their recommendations for the program. 

The Wesley weight management program helps to: 

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce abdominal and hip measurements
  • Maintain muscle
  • Lose fat
  • Improve blood pressure
  • Reduce risks of heart attack or stroke
  • Lower cholesterol and blood glucose

As about 50% of obese people also suffer from co-morbidities such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, type II diabetes, depression, and osteoarthritis, the Wesley weight loss program manages these conditions as well during the weight loss regime. 


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When providing exceptional results, the cost of the program just can not below. It costs about $3500 for a six months program with guaranteed outcomes. 

Wesley weight loss program is an amazingly well-tested program where the individual is allocated meals in factors. They are allowed a certain quantity of meals every day to ensure you’re consuming what your body needs only. Meetings with consultants are held frequently for weigh-ins, recipes, recommendations, and help from fellow members. 

Wesley weight management clinic offers programs that range from three to twelve months, depending upon the amount of weight and the weight loss required by the patient. These programs offer active weight loss phases as well as maintenance phases. 

Individuals who follow the program lose weight, lose body fat, maintain lean tissues, and also improve their cardiovascular profile to a significant margin. This happens due to the reduction in blood pressure levels that are monitored accompanied by weight loss. 


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Individuals that participate in the Wesley weight loss program are provided with a meal replacement, partial meal replacement, or meal plan strategy for 6 months. These individuals are also weekly counselled by a multidisciplinary counselling team consisting of doctors, psychologists, dietitians, and exercise physiologists. 

In a study, 2690 individuals were enrolled in the Wesley weight loss program. A completed data for 811 individuals were appropriately monitored. The results showed that after 6 months, the average weight loss was 21.4kg—the BMI of individuals reduced from 39.5 to 32.4. The participants’ male members lost 24.3kg having a weight of 104kg, while the female members lost 18.7kg with 88.1kg weight. After 12 months of assistance with weight loss and 6 months after the active treatment phase, the participants did not witness any weight gain. When checked, the male members reported having a weight of 104kg after six months, and the females reported their weight to remain stable at 88.1kg. 

Wesley weight loss program is a non-surgical weight management program that helps individuals achieve a dramatic loss in weight through a major emphasis on behavioral therapy. 

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