Seven Step How to do Handstand Yoga In USA 2021

Seven Step How to do Handstand Yoga In USA 2021

Seven Step How to do Handstand Yoga In USA 2021 Handstand is one elusive yoga position that challenges both your mind and body. It uses your core strength, accurate alignment, flexibility, and shoulder mobility. It requires every single muscle in your body to be active in order to hold the posture successfully. It is a yoga asana that prevails disbelief and wonder in all watchers. 

Want to master this fantastic yoga pose? Here is how to do Handstand Yoga.

Step1: stand in L shape

The first step to cater to how to do handstand yoga is to stand at a leg’s distance from the wall. Lift your right leg and place it flat against the wall, keeping it parallel to the ground. When learning how to do handstand yoga, make sure your left leg is directly under your left hip, creating a right angle with your right leg. Raise your arms at shoulder-width apart and then face your palms up to the ceiling as if you’re doing a headstand. 

Step 2: half handstand 

Now, place both your feet against the wall. Stand against the wall and place your fingertips at the place of your heels. Start raising your feet up against the wall, one leg at a time, bringing yourself to an inverted L shape. Keep your feet together and press your legs straight, keeping your arms next to your ears. Get down and rest. 

After this, get back in the half handstand and raise your left leg towards the ceiling, keeping your pelvis level. Stop moving when you feel like your foot is in a vertical line with your hand. 



Step 3: half handstand with the toe at the wall

After resting, get back in the shape of a half-handstand, but this time move a few inches further away from the wall. Lift your left leg up, keeping a vertical alignment. Now shift the point of contact of your right foot to your big toe so that your heel lifts free. Take a few breaths, then repeat with the other leg. 

Step 4: three-legged downward dog 

From the down dog’s position, lift your left leg as high as you can, keeping your heel in line with your second toe.  Keep lifting your leg until you reach a straight line from your left hand to your left foot. Take a few breaths and repeat with the right leg. 

Step 5: plank with leg lifts

Come to a downward dog and shift towards a plank pose. Keep your hands under your shoulders and lift your left foot about 4 inches from the ground. Now the left side of your body will be in a handstand position from torso to foot. Take 5 breaths, shift back to a three-legged downward dog, bring your foot down, and repeat with your right side. 





Step 6: headstand hop-up

Get in a down dog’s position and reduce about one-third of the distance between your feet and hands. Lift any one of your legs as high as you can, squaring your pelvis with shoulders. Bend the leg touching the ground and push yourself off the ground to spring both your legs off the ground. Aim to get your pelvis over your shoulder. Try to do this at least 5 times. 

Step 7: handstand 

With a bit of practice, you’ll begin to master handstand yoga. It will take time, but you’ll start to build up the strength that will allow you to use less springing to lift your legs. 

When learning how to do handstand yoga, you might encounter some challenges but with practice, you can overcome every one of those.  

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