What’s the difference: Yoga Therapist And Yoga Teacher USA 2021

What’s the difference: Yoga Therapist And Yoga Teacher USA 2021

What’s the difference: Yoga Therapist And Yoga Teacher USA 2021  The increasing popularity of yoga among people has made it a vast field and now newer ways are being explored to further enhance the scope and benefits of yoga. The pros range from medical use to calming and therapy purposes.  

The surfacing scientific evidence for the therapeutic benefits of yoga practice into the decades in which chronic diseases have become very common and the public is looking for a few safe and effective adjuncts to conventional medical care. All this means the growth and advancements of yoga as medicine. 

However, the new field that has come to notice is Yoga therapy that extends the teachings and practices of yoga in our lives for myriad reasons. But the question which emerges in our minds is what is a yoga therapist and most significantly how it differs from a yoga teacher?




What's the difference: Yoga Therapist And Yoga Teacher USA 2021


What is a Yoga Therapist?

The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), the organization which is held responsible for certifying yoga therapists has explained yoga therapy comprehensively. Yoga therapy is the specific application and practices of yogic tools, postures/exercises, techniques, breathwork, meditation, and more for the purpose of addressing an individual’s medical needs let it be physical, mental, or emotional.

A yoga therapist focuses mainly on applying specific yoga techniques to practically help a person in treating or reducing symptoms they may be dealing with rather than just teaching yoga techniques for a single class. Like general therapy sessions, it is a one on one session that targets the yoga therapy practice to a specific condition in a specific patient.  

A yoga therapist prefers a holistic approach that deals with an individual as a whole person and then focuses on their unique needs. These goals may relate to decreasing the medical symptoms of chronic pains, some bodily injury recovery, mental health, healthy ageing, improving a body’s flexibility or overall well-being too.


A yoga teacher



A yoga teacher: 

After digging a little bit in the field of what’s a yoga therapist? You might have spotted a few major differences that are holding the fields apart. Yoga practices are just related to the physical exercise area of the practice most commonly known in western countries. Yoga is considered a relaxing exercise and something as an alternative to when you can’t use machines or aerobics.  

A Yoga teacher teaches their student’s breath practices, meditation techniques with varying levels of training and expertise in the field. Some yoga teachers have substantial experience if different postures are applied in different conditions and a lot more but only about the physical self. 



A yoga therapist although teaches techniques of yoga first but later he has to give his patients relief from the symptoms of the issues they might be dealing with using the therapeutic application of these techniques. So yoga focuses on improving your yoga techniques while yoga therapy encompasses its application with therapeutic effects in treating the issue and improving the overall wellbeing of a person’s mental state too.

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