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Which Weight Loss Surgery Is Best For Me: Weight loss bariatric surgery is one of the best choices if you do it with your weight and sometimes the only way to bring down the game and keep your health in good shape.

Although a lot of hype is adding to weight loss surgery, it boosts people’s thoughts and expectations about the whole procedure. And that’s dangerous because when there’s a lot of excitement among people about weight loss surgery, that’s not true. Where we drop down some of the most popular weight-loss surgeries, and you can easily decide which one is the best surgery for you.

Surgery of Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most popular bariatric surgeries in the US and all over the world. Although its popularity is justified because of the outpost, its work is very effective.

Gastric bypass adjusts the stomach and chest intestines so that a person can only eat less food.  In addition to reducing the amount of food in your stomach, the adjustment also allows the digestive system to absorb nutrients.

1.1 Procedure

In gastric bypass surgery, the surgeon first divides the stomach into two, and the upper half holds one to two ounces.

 From that point on, all the rest of the stomach is not used up, then the small intestine is divided by the banana near the banana, and their next step is to connect the upper part of the stomach to the intestine.


Which Weight Loss Surgery Is Best For Me -Gethealthandfitness


1.2 Impact

Because the stomach volume is reduced, only one or two ounces of food can be consumed by the person, and he will feel full from it. Because food doesn’t go all the way through the stomach, it leaves most of the small intestine. and the body will not be able to absorb many calories from it And this is the main reason they make weight loss.

1.3 Results

Gastric bypass surgery is very effective whenever you can easily have 30 percent to 40 percent extra weight loss within the first six months after surgery.

 In the first 24 months, only the person would have quickly explained at least 60% to AT percent of their excess weight.

2 Surgery of sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve 

This surgery is one of the most commonly performed weight-loss surgeries in America, and its name is the sleeve gastrectomy.

 Like gastric bypass surgery, the purpose of this surgery is to limit the amount of food in the stomach so important that it makes the person feel full for small amounts of food.

2.1 Process

A surgeon makes several incisions in the upper abdomen to insert the equipment for surgery.

This procedure involves removing only about 80% of the stomach in this way, turning a portion of the abdomen into a tubular form.

2.2 Effect

Removal of a huge portion of the stomach can reduce the total volume of the stomach. This reduces the amount of food that the stomach can hold.

It makes the person feel full.

During this process, the stomach quickly loses the parts where the hormones of hunger are secreted.

2.3 Results 

 Sleeve gastrectomy is just a much more effective bariatric surgery, although in most cases, it cannot match the effectiveness of gastric bypass surgery.

3 Adjustable gastric banding

This surgery is also one of the modern weight loss treatments, also known as adjustable gastric banding.

Even though it may retain the basic concept of a weight loss surgery,

which is to limit the amount of food in the stomach, it works the most and in a different way than the previous two types of surgery. we just discussed above

3.1 Process

In this surgery, an adjustable band is placed around the abdomen so that it can be easily immersed in two other parts of the abdomen, namely the upper and lower part. However, while the two parts may still be connected to each other, the channel has a diameter as the band squeezes at the same point.

But the incision made for this procedure is minimal, so you will get a smaller scar compared to other methods.

3.2 Impact

When the stomach is released and squeezed in the upper part, It takes a long time for the food to empty from the upper part to the lower part. Hence it makes a person feel full for a longer period of time because whenever the food is taken at the time of first emptying. The pressure on the band can adjust the feeding speed.

3.3 Result

When compared with gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding may not produce results from the same level. You can expect weight loss if anywhere between 35% to 45%

Nowadays, most doctors prefer not to recommend adjustable gastric banding because it can have a high failure rate and result in very low.

4 Sophisticated Ways to Lose Weight | ESG

The most popular method for weight loss is what we call bariatric surgery, Although, with the advances we have made in medicine, there is no other option. A similar procedure that is becoming increasingly popular lately is ESG or film endoscopic gastroplasty.

 The reason we see ESG as a new and best bariatric procedure is that it does not involve surgery and has been introduced in 2020. Although bariatric surgery has always involved surgery and with it still comes a scar and long rest. There is no such warning given in ESG for weight loss.

Which Weight Loss Surgery Is Best For Me -Gethealthandfitness

4.1 Procedure 

This procedure also involves reducing the volume of the abdomen using stitches. At the end of this procedure, the abdomen will have seventy percent of the volume blocked by stitches, and ESG endoscopy,

if you use them, it is performed under general anesthesia.

4.2 Impact

You can limit the amount of food the ESG can hold by reducing the volume of the stomach  It makes a person feel full with less amount of food and is also more useful in reducing weight.


4.3 Results

One can easily expect 50% to 60% excess weight loss.



Weight loss surgeries do work, and that is more useful in taking out any excess body fat. As we have discussed now, everyone has their own idea of ​​how much weight one wants to lose. In addition, weight loss surgery is accompanied by strict lifestyle and dietary changes.



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